Video Projection


FLOW: An evening of water themed light and projection

2016 / live video projection mapping performance

A collaboration between The Coaction Lab at the University of Maine, in partnership with the Intermedia MFA programthe New Media Department and the Bangor Water District. The Thomas Hill Standpipe, located in Bangor, ME, was projected upon with water themed light and video inspired by Bangor's historical aquatic framework and the vast journey of water. FLOW took place Bangor's seasonal Thomas Hill Standpipe open house.

Project Leader / Creator: Gene A. Felice II • Intermedia MFA Students: Tara Law, Eleanor Kipping • New Media Students: Toni Kaplan • Music / Sound: Duane Shimmel, Kimathi Moore • Aerial footage shot by: Todd Eastman • Video shot & edited by: Eleanor Kipping & Gene A. Felice II

Photos courtesy of the University of Maine and shot by Adam Küykendall

La Bohème

2016 / video projection / acrylic, graphite, ink

This semi-staged production of La Bohème served as the 120th Anniversary Celebration of Puccini's La Bohème and the Bangor Symphony Orchestra.

Conductor: Lucas Richman • Director: Brian Loren Lester • Scenic Designer: Eleanor Kipping • Costume Designer: Patty Hibbert • Lighting Designer: Scott Stitham • Production Manager: Ben McNaboe 

Photos by Eleanor Kipping 

A Snail’s Dream

2015 / video projection mapping / paper / foam core board

A collaborative project with Matthew Shultz, A Snail’s Dream is a video projection mapping project inspired by the movement of tidal snails.

The Little Prince

2013 / video projection / motion graphic / digital illustration

Video projection for the Penobscot Theatre Company's production of The Little Prince. 

Note: Additional videos available upon request.

Hedwig and the Angry Inch

2010 / video projection / motion graphics / photography

Video projection and motion graphic design for Penobscot Theatre Company’s production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch.

Note: Additional videos available upon request.