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2018 Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival V

Yellow Fish Durational Performance Art Festival is an experimental festival that presents, engages, and supports artists and the Seattle community with a platform for durational and time-based performance art. Occurring on a yearly basis, local, national, and international artists are invited to present work with a focus and intention around a specific amount of time. Yellow Fish has also begun to build an active collection and archive of the artists, presenters, and curators who have been pioneers, experimentalists, and leaders in durational and time-based performance work in Seattle and beyond. Founded by Alice Gosti in 2013, the festival is currently run by Babette DeLafayette Pendleton.

Yellow Fish is one of the only festivals in the country to showcase duration based performance work. It is our goal for this festival to continue to be a pioneer in this way, as well as provide innovation around curation and offer opportunities to raise awareness around the historical and contemporary ideas of durational performance.

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