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This course explores the techniques, theories, ethics, and culture of New Media art and design through discussion, reading and writing, and project-based collaborative and individual projects. Students are required to conceptualize, plan and develop time-based projects from start to finish. With a strong emphasis on technical skill and development labs are spent learning to use a variety of Adobe Creative Cloud applications while developing a professional and sustainable workflow. Students present and critique their work on a regular basis as well as the work of their peers.


This 100 level course introduces students to the concepts and theories of 2D design through a series of labs and projects.

Image: Color Logo by Owen Savage


WOKEshop: an interactive experience designed to increase social consciousness

This interactive workshop is designed to invite participants challenge and explore notions of racism, bias, intersectionality, Whiteness and other topics surrounding contemporary race relations. 


A collaborative workshop series that explores the influence of cultural and historical narratives on identity. This workshop is designed to challenge participants to think about how they consume, create and present representations of themselves as well as others. The outcome of 2-3 sessions is a collaborative sound collage that is developed through a series of iterative writing activities, audio recordings and assemblage.