Work in Progress



Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science

2015, Created for the Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Science, these pieces exist as a part of a larger collaboration between the laboratory and the University of Maine New Media Department. I developed the early phases of the project and created these introductory pieces as a part of early experimentation and collaboration.

Shot, edited, written, and narrated by Eleanor Kipping; Production assistant: Neil Shelley.

Shot, and edited by Eleanor Kipping. Right: Images from a project proposal draft.

Shot, edited, written, and narrated by Eleanor Kipping; Production assistant: Neil Shelley.


FLOW: an evening of water-themed light and projection

2016, Documentation of a collaborative public video projection project that I participated in designing and executing.

Video shot by Todd Eastman. Edited by Eleanor Kipping and Gene Felice. Right: Collaborative project proposal images (Tara Law and Eleanor Kipping) and mockups. Original sound: Duane Shimmel.



2018, A 5x5 documentation of my 6-day trip across country via train from Seattle, WA to New York, NY. Created for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge. A 5x5 video is a format in which 5 shots at 5 seconds each, a 3 second title, and natural sound are edited to create a 28 second video.

Shot and edited by Eleanor Kipping.


Ocean Community Church Promotion

Shot and edited by Eleanor Kipping. Production assistant: Abby Kingsbury.


Pay It Forward, 2010

2010, One in a series of short videos made for, with, and about the work of Families and Children Together in Bangor, Maine.

Shot by Eleanor Kipping and Chad Riendeau. Edited by Eleanor Kipping.


Tear Me Down

2011, A 6-camera live broadcast recording at The Gracie Theatre in Bangor, Maine.

Produced and edited by Eleanor Kipping at The Gracie Theatre, Bangor, Maine. Performers: Sasha Alcott and Scoop Slone.




Program Brochure

2017, Collaboratively designed for and with the Innovative Media Research and Commercialization Center and the University of Maine New Media and Intermedia Departments. Concept and design by Eleanor Kipping.

Sweet 16 Calendar

2015, Concept, design, and illustration by Eleanor Kipping.

A selection of event posters

2013-2018, Designed and/or illustrated by Eleanor Kipping.

4 Contemporary Sound Poets

2017, disc, jacket, and digital book design.




Brown Paper Bag Test

2017, 2018

As of today, this installation has succeeded three iterations The most recent, pictured above, was a campus-wide installation at the University of Maine where audiences were invited to visit seven different buildings to experience the piece. It also included an interactive online audio component and was accompanied by a series of workshops, panels, and discussions designed and facilitated by me.

Concept, design, and fabrication by Eleanor Kipping.

Studio assistant: Azusa Okada. Pictured: Andrianna Mackey, Bianca Lominy, Sydney Taylor. Documentation: Amy Olivia Pierce, Jim Winters, Eleanor Kipping

Photographs by Eleanor Kipping.

Strange Fruit


Documentation by Jim Winters and Arturo Camacho.

To apply for exhibition opportunities for this project, I completed a small iteration of the work at a group show in Orono, Maine. The documentation from that exhibition was used to complete the project design as well as complete the proposal that was recently accepted into the upcoming Center for Maine Contemporary Art Biennial in Rockport, Maine. It was also exhibited at Lord Hall Gallery in Orono, Maine this past May.

Concept, design, and fabrication by Eleanor Kipping. Studio assistant: Avery Elliot.