travel video


Last week I traveled across the United States via train.

I left I left Seattle, WA from King Station on Sept. 1st at 4:30pm on the Empire Builder and arrived at New York, NY Penn Station on Sept. 6th via the Lake Shore Limited at 2:00am (time zones observed).

Traveling across the country alone by train has been something that I've wanted to do for as long as I can remember. I can recall watching the country fly past my car window when I was a child. We drove between Maine and Florida over half a dozen times. I fell in love with the East Coast before I even knew it. I have spent zero time on the West Coast, and being offered the opportunity to perform in Seattle and stay for a week felt like the perfect opportunity to scratch a line off my bucket list. So, I did.

I created this short video for the Vimeo Weekend Challenge. The theme was "5x5 Compleixity". A 5x5 video is comprised of 5 clips at 5 seconds each, with the adidtion of one 3-second title clip at the begginning or the end totaling at 28-seconds. All sound must be natural. This is what I did.