Studio update: Concert for Contemplation: In Solidarity with Moazzeni


Anoush Moazzeni  is an Iranian national, a permanent resident of Canada, and an internationally recognized concert pianist and performer, but is more importantly a friend of our community. A few Fridays ago, Anoush was preparing to return home from a 3-week residency at the Banff Centre and the President of the United States made it illegal for her enter the States. A few days later, just blocks from her home, 6 people were murdered during prayers in her neighborhood mosque. The murderer was a student of Laval University, the academic institution Anoush originally came to Canada to attend. As a gesture of solidarity with Anoush and the tens of thousands of people who are peacefully, elegantly and intensely trying to live lives that positively contribute to the human condition in the face of aggression, some of us from the Maine artist community have decided to put on a Concert for Collaboration: In Solidarity with Anoush Moazzeni.

In addition to myself performers will include Duane Ingalls, id m theft able, Owen F. Smith, Paul Sullivan and Ryan Wilks among many others. The concert will include music of many types and spoken word presentations.

This performance is on Friday, February 24 at 4pm at the IMRC Center at the University of Maine. View Facebook Event. WMEB 91.9 FM will also stream the concert live at so you can listen ANYWHERE in the world! :D

Concert for Contemplation.jpg
Concert for Contemplation.jpg